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Lots of "Insiders" Lately..

I've noticed a lot of discussion around news(some new, some old) articles this week related to "increased insider threats". To quote my own Slashdot post: "Viktor Cherkashin, a former KGB officer states in his book Spy Handler, people most often commit [...]

Nmap 4.20 Out

From the nmap-dev mailing list: From: Fyodor <fyodor_at_insecure.org> Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 20:19:00 -0800 Hi Everyone, I just posted the binaries for 4.20! Woohoo! This is the first "stable" release in almost 6 months, and contains tons of important [...]

Open Letter to Domain Registrars

Get right down to it! F-Secure has posted this letter asking domain registrars to double-check the names people register for domains to help combat phishing. The example they give is just one of many that go wild: Like, say, somebody trying to register a [...]

Control our Christmas Tree :)

A couple students at my school hacked our Christmas tree. You can control it. You'll have to open up two browser windows to view the cameras and control it simultaneously(to prevent abuse). It's been featured on Make and some more pictures here. The web [...]

Security Bloggers Network

Alan Shimel of StillSecure created the Security Bloggers Network, a network of feeds with content relating to security. Check it out, it's a great way to see what other security pros, analysts, vendors, and anyone else in the industry is blogging about.

Designing a New E-Voting Machine

With all the problems and flaws in electronic voting machines being exposed over the past couple months, I'd like to know why there hasn't been any effort in designing a new voting system from scratch. What does an electronic voting machine need to be [...]

ShmooCon CFP

The Shmoo Group is soliciting papers and presentations for the third annual ShmooCon. ShmooCon 2007 has 4 options for speaker submission.: One Track Mind - Technical Tales in Twenty Minutes or Less Break It! - Technology Exploitation Build It! - [...]

Update on what I've been reading so far...

I have trouble finishing books I start. For whatever reason, I struggle through it. I began reading InfoSec Career Hacking: Sell Your Skillz, Not Your Soul before I flew home for the summer, and read up until the last couple chapters and got bored with [...]

IBM to buy ISS

No... not the International Space Station (for you Slashdotters...) ARMONK, NY & ATLANTA - 23 Aug 2006: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Internet Security Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISSX) today announced the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement for IBM [...]
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