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20 years old and [in] security (part 1)

A thread that has gotten some attention and even sparked some bloggers to tag each other with their own stories, I thought I'd post my own "how I got started." I'm twenty years old and my area of study since I graduated high school has been network [...]

Thoughts on IEM Day 1

I was tired today.. maybe it was the material, or the fact that I had to break my college routine and wake up early in the morning... but I was beat. Regarding the IEM, the material could be a little better. Some of the tools that were mentioned are not [...]

NSA IEM: INFOSEC Evaluation Methodology

This semester, I am taking the IEM as part of a class that will be assigned to evaluate my university's network security. Last semester, I was a team leader in an IAM, an assessment of my school's organizational information security. The IAM is two full [...]

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I had a great night with my friends and a lot of unneeded drama, but oh well. I'm disappointed I wasn't able to snag ShmooCon tickets for $75; they sold out in under three minutes! I'm still organizing a trip with several other [...]

My Security Predictions of 2007

Following everyone else and their "Security Predictions of 2007," I have some predictions of my own: I will be graduating in August with a Bachelor's Degree I will be looking for an entry-level position in security These are two predictions that I am [...]

IAM Day 2

It's been a couple days since I attended day two of the IAM training, but I've been a little busy taking that information and preparing for our class' assessment of the school. On day two, we went over modules 3 and 4 (available at the IATRP website, for [...]

Day 1 of NSA's IAM

The IAM training has been going pretty well, even though it was just the first day. Today, the class went over the intital contact and pre-assessment phases. We defined the mission of our example organization (our customer) and identified points of [...]

NSA IAM... Security Assessment Methodology

This Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be attending a training session (held at my school) on the NSA's Infosec Assessment Methodology taught by Russ Rogers and Greg Miles of Security Horizon. The IAM is a vunerability assessment of an organization's security [...]

Fall 2006 Semester

I've enrolled in the following classes this coming Fall semester (summer just went by too quick), and would like to hear your input on them. I'm including the professor's names in addition, since one class with different instructors is never the same. [...]
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