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Building a security plan

An audit framework for evaluating structured security program frameworks How many readers implemented a new security plan for 2006 or 2007? How many had clients that implemented a new security program? Which frameworks were involved? Possible frameworks [...]

Full-disclosure debate gone mainstream (v. terrorism)

Today I came across a news article in reply to a question asked by Steven D. Levitt, "If you were a terrorist, how would you attack?" The blog posting has struck controversy among many people, and it just reminds me of all the full-disclosure debates we [...]

All That!

Every time I have a conversation with someone who has diarrhea of the mouth, it makes me nauseous. The other day, I was flying from Atlanta to Hartford (my flight was delayed by an hour) and while in the plane waiting, I struck up a conversation with a [...]

What is my favorite movie?!!

I asked a colleague once how to answer those silly questions, you know, the ones banks and other sites like to use to reset passwords? They're used to verify you are, who you say you "were." Well, my bank at the start of the year had introduced some [...]

Weaponizing Noam Chomsky

I wanted to ask Dan Kaminsky, who btw is a brilliant presenter (more below), about doing grammar and writing style analysis to determine who wrote a paper. I can see the techniques as potentially having forensic uses. Don't ask me what his talk was [...]

Tools are only an abstraction, use the right one

Do tools make us dumber? I don't agree with the idea exactly, as they are just that, tools. Tools are just another level of abstraction from thinking at a lower level. It's what distinguishes an engineer from a kit builder. Who here wants to program in [...]

BS ThreatCon Levels

Who else besides me thinks "ThreatCon" levels are bullshit? (not to be confused with vulnerability alerts) After checking out Slashdot this morning, I came across CERTStation, which attempts to aggregate current threat information into one page, entirely [...]

Breach and The Good Shepherd

On Christmas, I went to the movie theaters and saw The Good Shepherd. I liked it, but felt that the romance with Angelina Jolie and family issues took away from it. It did a good job showing how family and relationships are affected by secretive lives, [...]

Economic Espionage to Benefit a Foreign Government

A new case in my coverage of espionage stories, the Houston Chronicle is reporting this time a Chinese engineer working in Silicon Valley is indicted on 36 felony counts, including economic espionage to benefit a foreign government and various military [...]

Verizon, .002 cents != .002 dollars

Yikes, the reps at Verizon need to be trained in elementary mathematics. George Vaccaro definitely has more patience than I do. Best quote in the audio clip at ~15:33 ... Andrea: What do you mean .002 dollars? George: Do you recognize that there's a [...]

Export U.S. Defense Information to China - Fun for the whole family!

Information Week is reporting a story involving a family of five, who await a hearing for charges of conspiring to export U.S. defense information to China. Chi Mak, 66, of Downey, Calif., was an engineer with Power Paragon, a Navy contractor. He [...]

Classified Wiki?

The U.S. intelligence community recently unveiled Intellipedia, a top-secret wiki available to sixteen various agencies to share information and resources better. You can catch more on the story at GCN, Infowars, and a blog dedicated to Intellipedia! My [...]

N Korea Conducts Nuclear Test

According to news sources, the USGS in its seismic activity study, claims North Korea has conducted a nuclear test. At the moment, the Pentagon is working to confirm these claims, the South Korean stocks drop like rocks on their stock exchange, and Japan [...]

The Red Threat

From attacking our cyber information infrastructure, People's Liberation Army writings in recent years have called for the use of all means necessary, including -or particularly- information warfare, to support or advance their nation's interests.[`DoD's [...]
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