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Happy New Year -- 2009

This is our last post for 2008, a year that has come and gone faster than I imagined. I've been told the years only go quicker the older you get, so I do my best to enjoy it to the very last bit. Anyways, both Dre and I would like to wish all of our [...]


Recon Recon: A tale of reversing the Android-based Snow2 HUD Abstract: You might be thinking, oh no another Android talk. Well, yes and no. The way we interact with every day technology is changing. See the Internet of Things (IoT). The time is already [...]

Blog Announcements

I have one ShmooCon ticket available for $300. Contact me if you are interested. Why do I have one ShmooCon ticket for sale? I bought it in case we didn't get accepted to ShmooCon, but we did! Dre, Tom Stracener of Cenzic (and formerly nCircle), and I [...]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. Have fun and drink and eat well! I can't wait to eat some real food after being away at school all semester. Thanks for the continued support this year as we have grown to over 300 [...]

Watch out for this hacker

Alright, so... I logged into Facebook (yes I know.. and probably easy to find as well, whatever), checked my messages and noticed I received an invitation to a group called "watch out for this hacker." From the description: If somebody called [...]

In memory on this day

In memory of those who died on September 11, 2001, and to those who have and are currently serving, we'll never forget. Thank you. In memory of September 11, 2001

Looking back on 1 year of blogging

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of tssci security. I first started this blog last year with a goal to put my thoughts on security and technology in general out into the open. Since I started, I've learned a lot from other bloggers and people who read [...]

Projects Page

I've started (finally) filling out the projects section on my site. Check it out, I've got a couple neat scripts I wrote for performing various tasks. The section will continue to grow as I get better with various scripting languages and write [...]

We'll revoke your blogging privileges

If you have too many tags, scripts, ads, etc on your site. Thanks to Tyler for saying what we've all been wanting to say. Just look at this.

Heroes Fans, PrimaTechPaper is hiring

If you're a fan of Heroes, and into security, check out PrimaTechPaper. For those who don't follow the show, PrimaTechPaper is a front for the agency Mr. Bennett (father of the cheerleader) works for. This site has a "Hacker's challenge"/puzzle type feel [...]

Earth Day

Hey everyone, for those who don't know, it's Earth Day today. Stop by Home Depot and get a free light bulb. Plant a tree, clean up some garbage, ride a bike, carpool, get out there (weather is great!) and have fun. Cheers :)

You get burned playing with FIRE

I wish I had posted this when I first wanted to about four weeks ago, (and maybe have saved some people from losing money) but SourceFire was not a good investment! No matter how much I support Snort IDS as an open source project, I don't want to put [...]

Worst captcha - how about an insulting one?

I laughed when I saw the Worst Captcha Ever and just had to show the one I came across a couple months ago that was featured on the DailyWTF (now known as Worse Than Failure). Too funny!

(lack of) quality conferences -- California rocks

Why are so many conferences filled with so much marketing dribble? I planned on going to a lot more talks while at SCALE but only attended one in its entirety. Some presenters started off their presentation stating they would "market" their product for [...]

McAfee Mini -- are you serious??

McAfee now has thier own wicked custom Mini Cooper! Wow! Special, huh? Black with an ugly white/red sticker on the hood and doors. It looks wild and fast just sitting still like that! Come on McAfee, you can do better than that. Where's the paint job? or [...]

The problem with Wikipedia:

I love xkcd, and I just had to share this with comic with all of you. Sums up my experiences with Wikipedia entirely! Courtesy: xkcd.com

Looking for a new home... host that is

The time is nearing and I will have to move my site to a new host. Along with the move, we'll undergo a domain name change to www.tssci-security.com as well. Currently we're hosted on a dedicated FreeBSD server running Apache, and I'm pretty happy with [...]

My Last Day...

Wow, summer went by quick! I remember the first day of my internship: nervous, excited and no idea what to expect. I've learned a lot these past couple months, an experience you just don't get from sitting in a classroom. I met a lot of cool people who [...]
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