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How to pwn PWN2OWN

Day one of PWN2OWN was unsuccessful, which is no big surprise. But today, I am really hoping for something -- otherwise we'll have to wait until tomorrow for the third-party clieint-side exploits. Here's a little summary I wrote a bit back on how to [...]

Firefox 3 first impressions

I've downloaded and used the Firefox 3 beta browser software for the past few months and wanted to give a report on the latest of what works and what doesn't. Note that I had to install Nightly Tester Tools to get many of these to work. I am also now [...]


I often sound like a Linux bigot. Before I was a labeled as a Linux bigot, I was considered a classic FreeBSD bigot (so you would think I like Mac OS X, but I don't). Before everyone tagged me as a FreeBSD bigot, I again gave the impression of being a [...]

Operating systems aren't any more secure than the idiot using it

So this week, we've had a roundup of posts on Apple's latest OS X release, Leopard, and the security "features" that went into it, where they fall short, and what's missing. Thomas Ptacek has a great post over at Matasano with even more insightful [...]
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