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Classified Wiki?

The U.S. intelligence community recently unveiled Intellipedia, a top-secret wiki available to sixteen various agencies to share information and resources better. You can catch more on the story at GCN, Infowars, and a blog dedicated to Intellipedia!

My concern is information that was once compartmentalized, giving those with a need to know access, now makes 28,000 pages available to over 3,600 registered users. Three points need to be met before you are given access to classified information:

On the other hand, making information this "available", could help improve the accuracy and timeliness of reports now that the information has more eyes reviewing it. It definitely is a compromise, between having information confidential and having it available.

Hopefully this system will help our intelligence community make better, more informed decisions with regards to our national security.

Posted by Marcin on Thursday, November 2, 2006 in Intelligence and Security.

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