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The Good and Bad of Outsourcing IT Services

If investing into an IT services company is something you are interested in, Morningstar published their Picks Among U.S. IT Service Providers. Great for the personal investor looking to make a couple bucks in their trading account, but if you're a business-decision-maker-type-of-person at any company, just hold it right there. Whatever you do, do not sell off your IT infrastructure to an outsourcing firm! You will never get those resources back when you finally realize you would have been better off without them. Add to the series, the outsource firm's processes and office politics on top of your own company's policies and processes. Then try and tell me how tough it is to get something done...

If your company has outsourced IT services, let me know how it's been going so far. In addition, include the firm and where they are located if you'd like.

Posted by Marcin on Friday, November 17, 2006 in Tech.

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