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Verizon, .002 cents != .002 dollars

Yikes, the reps at Verizon need to be trained in elementary mathematics. George Vaccaro definitely has more patience than I do.

Best quote in the audio clip at ~15:33

... Andrea: What do you mean .002 dollars? George: Do you recognize that there's a difference between one dollar and one cent? Andrea: definitely George: Do you recognize that there's a difference between half a dollar and half a cent? Andrea: definitely George: Then, do you therefore recognize that there's a difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents? Andrea: No. George: No? Andrea: I mean, there's, there's no no .002 dollars... George: Of course there is Andrea: .002 cents is what you're quoted...... blah blah blah

This is fucking hilarious, sad and frustrating all at the same time. Posted under intelligence for lack thereof.

Edit 12/10/2006: Response from Verizon - 100% Refund - .002% Concession

Nice to see they resolved the issue, now to just update their reps on the pricing

Dear George Vaccaro,

Thank you for your reply. Again, I apologize for the miscommunications regarding this issue and for your frustration and inconvenience as a result.

In review of your account a previous representative has credited for the data charges in question for $71.79. You may take this amount off of your current amount due. In the future please keep in mind that it is .002 dollars per KB while in Canada.

It has been a pleasure assisting you today, and we appreciate your business. Have a wonderful week!


Michelle Verizon Wireless Customer Service

Posted by Marcin on Saturday, December 9, 2006 in Intelligence.

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