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Social Networking Users: Say Goodbye to Privacy! nahhh

Alright, I just have to respond to this opinion regarding Social network users have ruined their privacy, forever.

Just about anyone can read what's posted onto social networking websites like MySpace and FaceBook. 'Anyone' includes the intended audience of friends, but potentially relatives, teachers and employers too. And much of what is posted can never be deleted. I don't need to point out that Prof. Smart's fears are well-founded and that this is bad news, do I?

Well, MySpace and Facebook both have options to make your profile private. Myspace will show your profile is private and you need to be-friend that person before you can see their full profile. On Facebook, the security controls are much finer. You have control over what content different friends and non-friends see.

Chat rooms are all but dead and buried now, amidst fear of sexual predators and other unsavoury types. However, forums continue, by virtue of their more topic-focused and moderated nature.

Ummm, no they're not. I know IRC is still kickin'. Remember this though, The internet: Where men are men, women are men, and teenage girls are undercover FBI agents.

Parents can see what their children really get up to at Uni'. Teachers can see what their pupils really think. Potential employers can profile applicants based on their online braggings and other shenanigans.

Could it be that these people don't care about that? Or maybe because the people who would judge or profile them aren't exactly saints either. Next time around, go check out the employee picnic/party and see for yourself. How many times have we seen various types pushing their "morality" on us and very often we come to realize it was all bullshit?

Social networking users need to take a step back and think about just what they're posting onto the Internet. It'll probably be too late for a number of people, and it'll take a lot more 'victims' of the lack of privacy before most users actually start heeding these warnings. Just beware that anything posted online to your friends now, could very easily come back to haunt you in days, months, or even years to come.

How can we live freely if we must hide our true feelings? Why is it we fear getting in "trouble?" Some day, this behavior seen as "bad" will be accepted as it becomes more common. Why should I have to lie and put on a face while interacting with different people? I am not saying to act foolishly, but we have the right to stand up to live our lives the way we choose.

Regarding blogs; I hope showing a personal interest in security doesn't hurt my chances...

Posted by Marcin on Wednesday, December 27, 2006 in Security.

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