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InformationWeek, the site who thinks its readers are dumb

Thank you very much InformationWeek! I was reading an IW article, Adobe Patches Acrobat And Reader XSS Bug, 3 Other Flaws, hoping to get some useful information from it. The article contains 15 links, two of which are other IW articles and three direct to Adobe's website. The rest are "techweb" definitions for words like: PDF, bug, computer, OS, Linux, server, patch, download. What the hell!?! I know these might generate some advertising revenue, but seriously, defining bug? computer?

After hovering over several of the links, I almost gave up. The two most important links in the entire article, are easy to miss. They are:

I have noticed this with every article InformationWeek puts out, and it's incredibly annoying. I hope they read this. :mad:

Posted by Marcin on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 in News and Security.

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