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A.. A... A... Availability!!!

Guy Kawasaki has a very interesting blog and today posted "The top 10 stupid ways to hinder market adoption."

  1. Supporting only Windows Internet Explorer.

What Guy fails to mention, is having a website that's always available to its users. Supporting only IE makes websites unavailable to many users who use other browsers. It's part of the CIA triangle, Confidentiality - Integrity - Availability. Availability is key to creating a successful (online) business, and every minute a site is unavailable or responding slowly, that's lost business. For a company that's trying to create a market, sending out press releases with links to their products and only to arrive to a dead link or downed website... good bye.

While I'm on the topic of availability, Michael Farnum expresses some frustration with a security research company and Microsoft about a vulnerability that affects the stability of Internet Explorer. Though it's not a critical vulnerability, having malformed code crash your browser is unamusing.

Posted by Marcin on Monday, January 29, 2007 in Security and Tech.

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