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(lack of) quality conferences -- California rocks

Why are so many conferences filled with so much marketing dribble? I planned on going to a lot more talks while at SCALE but only attended one in its entirety. Some presenters started off their presentation stating they would "market" their product for the first five minutes, but then continued throughout the rest of their presentation going into all the features it delivers. Are conference organizers really this desperate during the CFP they allow companies to market their products?

I thought vendor expos were for this (they did have one), and the conferences talks were more vendor-neutral. The presentations I sat in for about 15 minutes were basically product demos. I'm dissapointed in the quality of talks at SCALE. Fortunately we were in L.A. and took the afternoons to go out to Hollywood and Santa Monica to have some fun. I definitely want to go back soon and have a trip. It's a nice change from Arizona and the East coast, cool atmosphere and culture, especially for me who's in their 20's... :)

Posted by Marcin on Monday, February 12, 2007 in Other and Tech.

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