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Tools are only an abstraction, use the right one

Do tools make us dumber? I don't agree with the idea exactly, as they are just that, tools. Tools are just another level of abstraction from thinking at a lower level. It's what distinguishes an engineer from a kit builder. Who here wants to program in 1's and 0's, or use Maxwell's equation in designing integrated circuits? There may be times where an engineer working in their field will need to know, but many of us operate at higher levels and thus, are abstracted from it all.

Using tools effectively though, requires a knowledge of the key underlying workings and also calls for the right tool for the right job. Often times, we try and use a Leatherman to build a house when it comes to security. You have your NAC this and UNP that and all these other "all in one appliances," and still don't have everything you need to do the job properly. I feel the Unix philosophy is spot on here; you have a tool that does one thing, and one thing well. You tie multiple tools together to accomplish more involved tasks.

Posted by Marcin on Sunday, February 25, 2007 in Intelligence, Security and Tech.

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