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ShmooCon getting nearer

The list of speakers and schedule for ShmooCon has been posted. A lot of interesting topics to check out, it's so hard to choose. My friend Ryan Clarke is speaking on "Extend your Code into the Real World," a look at electronics and hardware hacking. Ryan now teaches at my university and also runs the LosT @ Con Mystery Challenge at Defcon each year.

If you're going to attend ShmooCon, post a comment or reply to this discussion thread. Also, I'm one of the lucky ones to have been chosen to participate in ShmooCon labs, and "get hands on time implementing cutting edge security tools in a real world environment." You can learn more about ShmooCon Labs:

...As a vendor you will get a chance to implement your gear in an untrusted, potentially hostile environment of 1000+ hackers.

We are building a network that needs to be up and running in time for the conference so be prepared to jump in the fire. During Shmoocon various aspects of the network will be made available for attendees to hack on and all vendors should expect their products to get looked over with a fine tooth comb or a 20 pound hammer.

I am interested to see what vendors will be representing themselves and show their true colors, at a real security conference, and not some pony show in San Francisco...

Posted by Marcin on Sunday, March 4, 2007 in Security.

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