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Phoenix catalyst meetup, ShmooCon

Tonight I had a great time hanging out with Michael Santarcangelo of Security Catalyst, Andre Gironda, Erich Newell and Adam Muntner. There were a bunch of other guys (and Grace!) there, but I apologize for not remembering your names. It was fun talking though! Gotta watch out for that one dude's company who has had a bunch of weird deaths like cancer and dead people lying in their house for a week at a time... LOL

Anyways, I'm getting ready to go to ShmooCon/Labs out in Washington D.C. this week(end). I look forward to meeting Richard Bejtlich and attending the NoVaSec meeting, Landon from Digital Bond and Martin McKeay. If you wanna meet up - post a comment here/send me an email/or call my cell phone. Also,try and make it to the ShmooCon meetup in Room362. I will also be playing tourist with my buddy Daniel, the security admin at our school, UAT. We'll try and check out the International Spy Museum and also the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.

I cannot wait, this conference is going to be awesome. See you guys there.

Posted by Marcin on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 in Security.

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