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It takes a thief

I was watching an episode of It Takes a Thief on the Discovery Channel the other day that featured two skateboard shop owners. The hosts had scouted the shop a day before, looking for video cameras and other security equipment. The next day, they return and wait for the store owners to leave. The entrance of the store is in the back, away from the street in a secluded parking lot. A gray van meets pulls in and meets up with the host of the show. They pull out a ladder and climb in through an AC vent in the roof into the back store room. The van had a banner on the side that said it was a roofing company, in case anybody asked why they were on the roof. It took all of ten minutes to break in and get out with close to $15,000 worth of merchandise and skateboard gear. The store entrance had a "Closed Circuit TV" sticker on the door, but no video cameras. It served as a deterrence, and there was only a motion sensor near that front door.

When the police finally arrived and the store owners came to see what happened, they were devastated. Had this been an actual robbery, they'd be out of business. When the hosts and the tv show hooked them up with the "latest" in security, the store owners were so happy they could "just forget about" having to deal with it, now they had all this extra equipment. Not so fast, the hosts told them they didn't want them to forget because it was an ongoing process. Inventorying sale items, security tapes, etc would need regular attention.

This show is great, as it puts a thief's mind in perspective to securing your home or business. Both hosts were formerly professional burglars/intruders who have now "turned good" to help people. If you haven't seen the show, I recommend watching an episode.

Posted by Marcin on Friday, March 30, 2007 in Security.

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