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Thinking of Exporting Classified Material? Think Again

ITT was fined $100 million for illegally exporting classified technical data relating to night vision equipment overseas. In addition to being fined, they must "invest $50 million over five years to accelerate development of night vision technology, and the government will maintain rights to all technology that is developed under the agreement."

This incident should raise awareness to all companies who manufacture or develop export controlled commodities. In security, we need to ensure we comply with all EAR/ITAR/AECA regulations and prevent unauthorized exports to foreign nationals.

Q.) What is an export?

Q.) OK then, what is technical data?

Q.) What is a foreign national?

Q.) Who can I not export to?

If you have other questions, see your IP legal team or Business Area Export Representative for advice that pertains to your environment and what constitutes export controlled data for your business.

Posted by Marcin on Saturday, March 31, 2007 in Defense, Politics, Security and Tech.

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