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What's the big deal about WEP??

Andy IT Guy writes, "I think we need to focus on in not how to crack what is already broken but how can we protect what is using it. I'd love to see WEP go away but it won't happen anytime soon." Andy hits the nail right on the head with this one. A lot of people are just starting to get WEP enabled on their old wireless 802.11b access points, and to tell them they need to upgrade again just for security isn't going to convince many of them. Here's my reasoning for sticking with WEP:

I am still using WEP, because I don't feel like going out and replacing all two wireless cards in my computers to support WPA. I'm a college student and don't have the money to spend frivolously on every new technology (even if it is better or more secure) that comes out. Every time I hear about [the insecurity of] WEP, bells ring telling me to upgrade, but I keep pushing it off. Maybe until a new standard is ratified, maybe not.

Posted by Marcin on Thursday, April 5, 2007 in Security.

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