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Hilarious, I'll never drink that much again!

And the post of the day goes to Mike Rothman, and his comments on Javelin's research survey that claims 77% of 2750 consumers said they would not shop at stores that suffered data breaches.

I think this number is crap. Why? The analogy I'll use is drinking, which is something I can relate to. If you asked me at 10 AM the morning after a bender whether I'd be drinking again, the answer would be no. By 7 PM, my headache had abated and I was ready to rumble again.

Haha, spot on! He then explains his reasoning:

If you ask someone a question when they have still festering road rash, the answer will be no - every single time. But time heals, memories fade, and venomous anger yields to forgiveness and forgetfulness.

Would you shop at TJMaxx or other stores after knowing they suffered such a massive security breach? Maybe this is just a reminder -- that cash is still king!

Posted by Marcin on Monday, April 16, 2007 in Politics, Privacy and Security.

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