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Technobabylon hacked??

So I hit up the Security Bloggers Network and what do I see? A post on Technobabylon with a bunch of penises (sp?) some Indian dude with a Swastika shirt, and a whole slew of personal infromation.. Someone doesn't like Ross Brown or eEye Digital Security... Here's what was posted since the site was taken down:

WhiteHat Manifesto: Life at eEye

[img removed]


My name is Ross Brown, eEye Squirting Research CEO.

I'm an addict. I'm addicted to the same all-dancing, all-singing crap that this so-called "security industry" is made of. I sell utterly flawed products through my company and employ brilliant individuals such as Marc Maiffret who can't even read. I also work for the company who was behind Code Red and nowadays pretends to promote "responsible disclosure". We are nothing but blood sucking animals. We suck the motivation and altruism out of the really talented people, and turn them into industry whores.

We are the ones making this whole security consultant image. College degree, responsible individual with a dog and nice family, with a feminist girlfriend who buys "French donuts" and cracks you up every night. We are utterly hopeless, and thus we are being owned by crack commandos from outerspace.

We have tainted the whole thing already. We manipulate people through press releases, we release "0-day patches" and products that allegedly protect from the problems that "the bad guys" create. We are the ones who buy "exploits", information from third-parties and anything that can boost our market share by spreading fear. We create the problems for the solutions we sell. But we are retarded enough that our own products are flawed to their knees. A single look over their source code would cause you deadly diarrhea. I know this because Tyler knows this.

All we do now is blogging, "podcasting" and utterly gay crap. We would rather shut the fuck up but we feel like telling the world how bad h4x0rs are and how they can snap off your cybercock.

[img removed]

We invented beautiful terms such as "responsible disclosure", "vulnerability response time", "proof of concept", "penetration testing", "ethical hacking", etc. We also invented rubber fists, but that's another story.

I'm a whitehat and this is my manifesto. You may snap off my cock, but you may not stretch my anus with a rubber fist. You may release your evil 0days or own me with them. I'll stand anyway. Because I have no other intention than buying CANVAS licenses and IDA Pro (ah, we employ Andre Protas too, don't tell Ilfak about his leak of IDA Pro 5.0 Advanced to CRACKLab.ru). I have no other intention than fucking up the real sense behind this. I have no other intention than building up a industry based on fear and public relations. Space monkeys have been sent on mission. Fuck yeah, I pen-test the world, ethically!

[img removed]

More information: http://technobabylon.typepad.com

In the meanwhile, please contribute to eEye's "Save a Whitehat" campaign and share your credit card details with us:

Ross Brown American Express [cc# info removed]

[address removed]

Call me ASAP at my personal phone: [removed] Erotic line, 10 cents/min. Travesties and goats welcome.

rbrown@eeye.com - 60fdabb8659569b94166592e53876404 (I don't like threesomes)


Posted by Marcin on Friday, April 20, 2007 in Security.

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