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All That!

Every time I have a conversation with someone who has diarrhea of the mouth, it makes me nauseous. The other day, I was flying from Atlanta to Hartford (my flight was delayed by an hour) and while in the plane waiting, I struck up a conversation with a BPM/O software sales engineer and some Windows IT guy. You would think the IT person is knowledgeable in his field and the sale guy to not have a clue, but you'd be wrong. The IT guy was an idiot. I stopped believing what this guy was saying after he came up with a ridiculous explanation of memory leaks on Windows [to the sales guy]. And I quote:

You know when you start up your computer and fire up an application? And it takes like forty-five seconds to a minute to load? and then when you close it and start it up again it loads almost instantly? Yeahhh, that's a memory leak. It's Windows for ya! We in the industry call that 'leaky memory'.

Listening to this guy was getting more painful by the sentence. The sales guy asked me about my flight from Phoenix, etc.. and the IT guy butts in and says "oh yah? that's nothing... try flying six times a week." So, I asked him what does he do that makes him fly six times a week. He said he's a consultant and deploys networks for businesses. Then he gets into talking about how he got his MCSE and CCNA and all these other certifications. I wished he would stop already. Dropping four letter acronyms like they were going out of style. :rolleyes:

Anyways, I asked him what size networks he worked with? How many users? Small or medium business?

"Really small businesses" Oh yah? How small? 1000? "Not even. Ten or twenty, somewhere around there" Ohhhh, okay.... o_O ... What kind of systems do you deploy? "Small business server, 2003" (I smirked.. sorry, I couldn't help it!)

Well... then I asked how the hell he can manage to fly six times a week and deploy these networks by himself. "Lots of coffee." Oh sure... (You can tell I'm annoyed by this point...)

Then he starts talking about how closed source is so much better than open source. I asked, oh really? I can run version whatever thirty years from now and have no problems. He replied, "Why would you want to?" I said well, you have access to source code and you can do whatever you want with it. You're on your own schedule and not on any vendors', who can push you to upgrade or obsolete your version.

"so? Who the hell is going to work on it? you got coders?"

Why yes, I do have coders... I wanted to break the guy. :sigh: it was no use!

Then, something he said made me bring up the paper on LCDs being vulnerable to Van Eck Phreaking. He shook his head and stated "I doubt it" multiple times... How can you reason with this guy? Our plane was given the goahead to take off, and I stopped talking with him. I ignored him for the entire three hour flight.

MCSE... pfft, CCNA.. hah, pleaseee... don't flatter yourself. You're not all that!

This has been filed under intelligence, for the lack of.

Posted by Marcin on Friday, April 27, 2007 in Intelligence and Tech.

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