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Dell + Google Toolbar... profit??!?!

Andrew Hay writes:

Dell & Google Secretly Installing Software to Make Money Off Your Typos

New Dell machines that include the Google toolbar as part of a marketing agreement also include a secret program that redirects non-url information typed into a browser window to a Dell-branded page filled with ads. For example if you type in dogfood.cim, instead of getting a browser error message, the secret Google Address Redirector redirects the query to an ad-filled page of search results.

They're simply redirecting invalid DNS requests to their own page. When you use OpenDNS, they redirect mistyped queries to their own page as well. OpenDNS is having a fit because it's competing with their revenue stream, powered by Yahoo!

To remove all installed software, leaving you with a clean system and for those who don't wish to reformat their new computer, run PC Decrapifier.

Posted by Marcin on Thursday, May 24, 2007 in News, Privacy, Security and Tech.

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