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Compromising one app through another

I was directed through RSnake's blog to a XSS defect in Yahoo! Services and had a couple questions concerning secure design of web applications...

So here's the scenario,

A user is authenticated by a device between himself and the application he's accessing. From there, they are able to gain control over the application they are using and launch an attack against other applications/servers.

What would the likelihood of such an attack be? What if the authenticating device checks for malformed urls and limits what urls are passed to each application? To add to this, consider the security of the system itself: running a stripped SELinux kernel, custom web server, clears its cache regularly and performs encryption on data being transmitted and stored. The system was audited by several independent partners and is considered to be "extremely reliable and secure."

Unless there's some flaw in the way the server handles urls, I think finding a vulnerability in the design without performing a full pentest will be difficult. I'm a newb to web app security, so I might be wrong entirely...

Posted by Marcin on Friday, June 15, 2007 in Security.

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