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Got pwned today

Several people in the corporate IT security group where I'm interning this summer have been working hard on creating a program to educate users on the company's acceptable use policies and some basic security awareness. They've done a great job and the stuff they came up with looks top notch. During lunch they're out talking to other employees, answering their questions and even handing out nice Kingston DataTraveler Secure Privacy edition usb thumb drives. (too bad they only work on Windows, anyone get them running in Linux??)

Anyways, back to me getting owned... One of the other interns I work with asked me to go print something off for her because she was busy answering questions and things like that. At first I was a bit hesistant, not knowing what exactly I was going to print. I was going back to my desk anyways, but she told me I could print it from one of the computers at the table not too far away. I assumed she didn't have a printer set up there or something. Sure enough, I plug the usb drive she gave me and up comes the "meltdown" program, which makes the screen look all mushy. Had I taken it to my desk, I would have been safer because Autorun was disabled, but still... that was embarrassing.

Yup... If you haven't noticed by now, women have no problems social engineering men.

Posted by Marcin on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 in Security and Work.

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