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Reading technical books

Back in January, I asked Richard Bejtlich in an email to post some tips for reading books. Reading technical books can be a drag at times, yet somehow he manages to get through several a month. Reading is one of those tasks we all have to do in our line of work, for obvious reasons. Well, I came across another blog post with another point for reading:

All that I really needed from my first trip through the book was to know what was possible, not exactly how to do it.

My father always told me, if you don't understand something the first time through, read it again until you do. Well sometimes, who needs to know it on the first pass? I always forget why people have technical books... for reference. It's not like a novel you read once and don't pick up again because you already know how the story goes.

Maybe this is why I have started about 6-7 books this year and haven't finished any?

Posted by Marcin on Monday, July 9, 2007 in Books.

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