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Wikis at work

I love wikis. I've been working on a security portal at work and it just got so much better with the addition of embedded RSS feeds. With this extension, I've embedded the Security Whitelist and Aggregated Vendor and Security News Sites pipes on the front page. This gives our team the ability to check the latest news that is happening inside and outside of our company. I've also added the Web Application Security Feed in a seperate portal for our web app guys.

Within our policy pages, is an embedded rss feed that links to the latest file uploads to the policy folder on the network. We also have a page dedicated to vendor security and information bulletins.

If you don't have a wiki yet, start one. You can always worry about the information organization later, and the sooner you start using wiki, the easier things will be. Sharing information across your department will be more enjoyable. I'm actually having fun with this... :)

Posted by Marcin on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 in Tech and Work.

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