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Phrack a Day -- Issue 2

Going to keep this one short... nothing too exciting in this issue.

Phrack Issue Two -- Released 01/01/1986

Universal Informational Services via ISDN by Taran King

This phile is a basic overview of ISDN.

The central idea of ISDN, as AT&T Network Systems sees it, is to provide an individual user a link to the local central office of generous band-width - a digital subscriber line that can carry 144,000 bits per second (sure beats 2400 baud!).

144,000 bits = 17.5KB. There are two types of ISDN implementations, Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI). Today PRI circuits are used for voice, however BRI circuits have been widely replaced by alternatives such as DSL. To have an ISDN Internet connection back in 1986 would have been pimp. 17.5kB/s should have been more than enough for anyone!

Hacking RSTS by Data Line

Anyone have a PDP-11?

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