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Back from BeanSec

beansec3.jpgThanks to everyone involved at making this a successful event. It was my first time out to BeanSec, but unfortunately will likely be my last this year (I am going back to school in September). I made the two hour drive all the way out from Hartford, CT, and it was a blast. There were about thirty people in attendance at The Enormous Room in Cambridge, Mass from 6:30pm up until 9:30~10pm.

It was fun hanging out with Chris Hoff (who btw, was an excellent host), Oliver Day, Mike, Tim from Arbor Networks, Christian and his fellow Cisco colleagues, and Joshua` <http://pbnj.sourceforge.net/>`_.

I'm sorry if I forgot to mention anyone. I know there are a couple of you, but I forgot/didn't catch your names. Just post here in the comments and leave a link to your personal site or blog. My next CitySec gathering that I'll be attending is SunSec in Phoenix.

Posted by Marcin on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 in People.

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