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Simultaenous use of Firefox profiles to guard against CSRF attacks

Here's a quick post to decrease your exposure to attacks against web application vulnerabilities. A couple months ago, I posted an article that detailed 8 Firefox extensions for safer browsing. In addition to the extensions listed in that post, I use another precaution while browsing websites: I simultaneously run multiple Firefox profiles. There are a couple reasons for this, such as oh... I dunno. I always thought people would run one profile for day-to-day activities/regular browsing, and another for doing security testing and web assessments. But did you know running separate instances of Firefox guards against CSRF attacks? Yes, it does!

If you're not using multiple Firefox profiles already, start up Firefox with the -ProfileManager option. On Windows, you can edit the shortcut target and append -ProfileManager.

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -ProfileManager


To run Firefox profiles simultaneously, you'll need to export MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1 user environment variable. You can enter new environment variables on Windows through System Properties > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables dialog. On Linux, you can do the same by running the following from the shell or in a startup script.

$ export MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1

An alternative to exporting the environment variable, you can append the -no-remote option to Firefox (through a shortcut icon, just add it to the target location). If you want to create icons to start specific Firefox profiles like I do, you can specify which profile by it's name using the -P option.

Here are some Windows examples you can set:

"C:\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P profilename -no-remote

"C:\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -ProfileManager

and for Linux:

/usr/bin/firefox -ProfileManager

/usr/bin/firefox -P profilename -no-remote

You can also go ahead and do what Joanna Rutkowska does, and practice "almost-full" privilege separation on Windows Vista and run different browsers with limited privileges.

Posted by Marcin on Sunday, December 9, 2007 in Security.

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