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SunSec Trip Report

Last night Rich Mogull of Securosis, and co-host of Network Security Podcast, hosted SunSec (which was on hiatus for far too long) at the Furio in Scottsdale. It was a great turnout last night -- about twenty people had shown up and talked up all kinds of storms for several hours.

Dre and I talked with Dennis Groves, one of the founding members of OWASP and contributor to the OWASP Guide. Dennis had mentioned the DARPA Browser Project and we then talked about trusted systems and how software assurance through formal methods will fix all the security problems.

Obviously with Mogull we had to talk about data security -- his specialty, and what's also obvious he is a rockstar at it. Where are all the other security researchers that are into data security like he is?? All I can count and know of is Dan Geer, Rob Newby and Gunnar Peterson (oh, and Christofer Hoff too!). We also had brought up the little SCADA hack/hoax that Hoff and him had tried to pull a couple weeks ago. Trailing off, we then got into a discussion about hacking train controllers, and what do I notice in my feed reader this morning? Courtesy of Domber's Basecamp: Schoolboy hacks into city's tram system.

All in all, SunSec rocked. If you live in the Phoenix area, you definitely have to make it to the next one.

Posted by Marcin on Friday, January 11, 2008 in Conferences, People and Security.

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