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Guests on Network Security Podcast

The other night, we had the special privilege of being guests on Martin McKeay's Network Security Podcast with co-host Rich Mogull. While having a great time several weeks ago at SunSec, and several beers into the night, we tricked Mogull into letting us crash the podcast... j/k :D

We started off with Mystery Malware affecting Linux/Apache websites, which lead to a discussion on web application security and how we can go about solving the problems. From there, we introduced our talk at ShmooCon and gave some more details as to what we've been doing.

You can download this episode 92 of the Network Security Podcast. Martin usually has a... let's say, "different" taste in music than us, but the song he played last night was pretty funny `-`- If this Geek Ruled the World.

Posted by Marcin on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 in People and Security.

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