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Firefox 3 first impressions

I've downloaded and used the Firefox 3 beta browser software for the past few months and wanted to give a report on the latest of what works and what doesn't. Note that I had to install Nightly Tester Tools to get many of these to work. I am also now using the Classic Compact theme, which has some minor annoyances but better than most alternatives.


Not working:

Required maxVersion modification (some have this updated to 3.0b3 but not 3.0b4!):

Overall, I think that Firefox 3 is much better on memory, faster, and more useful. However, it may not be any more secure than Firefox 2. Stay tuned for more information on creating a secure Firefox profile. I'll be looking at the security of Firefox 3 beta 4 and compare it to earlier Firefox 3 betas, as well as Firefox 2.

Posted by Dre on Monday, March 24, 2008 in Defense, Hacking, Security, Tech and Windows.

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