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Happy Two-Year Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated tssci-security.com's two-year anniversary. I started this site on August 23rd, 2006 during my first internship, and oh my, how the time flew by. A lot of good things have come my way -- most as a direct result of this blog. The connections and many good times I've had with people because of this site, are countless and all priceless. Also a happy birthday goes out to Dre, which without, this blog would not have been as much a success as it's been. Dre celebrates his birthday on the same day as tssci-security's anniversary. A coincidence? :)

I know we've been pretty dormant the past several weeks -- I blame it on the security conferences. Tried not speaking out too much about the DNS vulnerability Dan found, since honestly, everyone has disagreed with each other and really nothing good came out of any of it. I've also been putting in 12 hour days at work for the past two months, which has been draining me to the point where I just want to chillax when I get home. There's really been no good security books come out lately for us to read, except for maybe Hacking Exposed: Linux 3rd Edition -- an ISECOM book. Speaking of ISECOM, tomorrow and Tuesday I'm attending a two-day training certification class for the OSSTMM Professional Security Tester. I've also got that Hacking Exposed book on the way, which I plan to read and possibly post a review up here. Supposedly it takes an OSSTMM approach to Hacking Linux... so we'll see. Expect to see some posts on the OPST tomorrow or Tuesday with my thoughts as well.

In the mean time, enjoy the following posts which I found to be interesting:

Posted by Marcin on Sunday, August 24, 2008 in Conferences, News, People, Security and Work.

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