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Google Chrome first look

The bad:

The good:

My analysis:

Google Chrome is DOA (dead on arrival). Nobody is going to use a browser with such poor support and so completely unpolished. However, I agree with others' assessments: hopefully Google Chrome will make Mozilla, Microsoft, and Opera aware of the several features such as tab-process separation (so that web application developers can also use this functionality).

Why didn't Google just do a request-for-comments or a peer-reviewed paper/presentation? What's the point of this loosely running code? I'm not sure yet, but it is possible that Google has left something out in their announcements and/or plans for this product.

From a risk assessment perspective, I can tell you that my threat-modeling spider sense went off from the moment of the download, was piercing my ears during the install, and became overstimulating during runtime. If security is the goal of this product, I'm afraid that Google has definitely failed.

Posted by Dre on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 in News, Security and Tech.

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