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Another new blog over at NSS Labs

Not to be outdone by Neohapsis Labs, NSS Labs also enters the fray with their blog, Security Product Testing. Again, I think that NSS Labs (like Neohapsis Labs) has been blogging for awhile, but it has picked up more pace lately.

In the past, the TS/SCI Security blog staff were invited as guests by Martin McKeay for the Network Security Podcast. Rick Moy of NSS Labs got the opportunity to speak his mind with Martin while at the RSA Conference. Rick was additionally interviewed by the Bank Information Security Podcasts on Product Testing. Both of these might be worth a listen for the discerning security professional.

Last week, NSS Labs approved the Radware DefensePro 1020 for attack mitigation purposes. They claim that, "The DefensePro 1020 blocked 100 percent of attacks while passing 100 percent of legitimate traffic without need for user intervention". I really like what NSS Labs wrote on Security Products & PCI Compliance, where they state that:

Fact: No product will make you compliant. But having an inadequate or misconfigured product can prevent you from achieving compliance.

We're hoping to see/hear more from NSS Labs in the future!

Posted by Dre on Monday, May 5, 2008 in News, Privacy and Security.

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